Policies and Procedures


Sewing Studio Guidelines

School Policies and Procedures


Tuition is due the first class and at the beginning of every month thereafter.  Classes meet once each week.

Kids Can Sew® & Teens Can Sew®                               Pattern   Semester

                                         Meeting            Tuition               Packet       Fee

     1  1/2 Hour Classes    Once a Week  $85.00 per month   $50.00      $10.00

Tuition is due monthly ... Packets are needed once a year or so

Supplies twice each year.

Beginning Adults Can Sew®

   1 1/2 Hour Classes    Once a Week  $85.00 per Month    $50.00      $10.00

    Private Lessons $125.00 as available

Eight Project Pattern Packet for the Extreme Beginner or for those needing a refresher!

Learn to Sew® Adults                    $85.00 per month  $25.00 ea. $15.00

Tuition is due monthly, Packets are needed every several weeks, advancement comes at your own pace. Some students need to move faster while others spend more time with their pattern and fabrics

Supplies twice each year.

Winky Cherry    Children ages 5-8                                     Pattern   Semester

                                         Meeting            Tuition               Packet       Fee

    1 Hour Classes           Once a Week  $75.00 per month   $20.00      $10.00

Tuition is due monthly. Booklets are used for several weeks. Young Children complete 6 levels / booklets and then advance to Kids Can Sew curriculum

Private Lessons and Competition Coaching Sessions are scheduled and quoted by appointment and are Pre-Paid.

A registration fee is required for new students. Additional Enrollment Fees cover workbook/pattern packet and Semester Fee. 

Returning students bring unfinished KCS Pattern Packet and pay Tuition and a classroom supply fee.

Any returning students wanting to purchase the next KCS workbook/pattern packet please add $45 and specify which book (2, 3 or 4, or Teens).  Learn To Sew Booklets priced as needed.


Attendance is very important, so please call and let us know you will not be attending so that the class can proceed without you.  Out of respect for other students, please do not attend the class if you are sick.


Due to the very high volume of students, lack of scheduling time, and student's busy schedules, we regretfully do not offer make-up classes.  Please make every effort to attend your scheduled class.  If you know in advance that you will miss 2 or more consecutive classes, please let us know and we'll try to reschedule for a different day and time, if possible.    The occasional fifth week of the month class will be counted as a makeup, as well as special events, fashion shows and field trips.



Drop off time for a class may not be any earlier than 5 minutes before the scheduled class beginning times.  There is no waiting area, and dropping off a student earlier than this will be disruptive to on-going classes, or any preparatory work we may be doing for the class.  Please be punctual when dropping off and picking up. Park in the correct direction and near the curb. The driveway may be used.


If a student voluntarily withdraws from our sewing class, a 30 day written notice (or phone call) is requested.  There will be no refunds or prorating for unused lessons.


We will provide information about sewing supplies, student progress, and other information via notes and emails.  It is the responsibility of the student and/or parent to read these communications and ask any questions that they have about their content. You may call me at (956) 605-8424 or eMail me at



Some children age 7 are not ready for Kids Can Sew. They may enroll in the Winky Cherry Program.  They may not be able to sit and concentrate for the entire class time.  Then they become disruptive to other students.  Learning to sew safely is very important.  If you know that your child has a short attention span, is hyper-active or has behavior issues, they may not be ready to learn to sew.


Safety Concerns


*  Wear shoes during class.  

*  Keep fingers away from the sewing machine needle when winding the

    bobbin and operating the machine.

*  Look under your fabric before cutting with scissors and carry scissors

    with the sharp edge pointing towards the floor.  

*  Thread the needle with caution and lower the pressure foot before

    starting to sew on your fabric.

*  Remove the pins from your fabric as you sew and place then in the pin

    cushion after you use them.  NEVER put straight pins or needles in your


*  Place the iron in the upright position after use.  When using the iron  

    hold it by the handle only.

*  Let your teacher help you use the seam ripper.