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Celebrating our 10th Studio Anniversary !

  For over two decades I’ve taught sewing in South Texas stores, private & public school settings, workshops, and now for our tenth year in our home studio.

  We are thankful for so many lovely students who know the truth! Sewing has NEVER gone out of style! Sewing is an important life skill and offers many profitable opportunities for recreation and financial independence. As a Trained Sewing Educator and licensed user of Kids Can Sew and Fashion Design®, and as a Home Sewing Association Instructor, the mastery of foundation sewing skills are important whether you are 7 or 70+ years of age.

  As we launch 2020, additional classes related to my 30+ year decorating career across Texas designing beautiful fabric creations for home are available.

  Also, students can join the fun this Celebration 2020 Year as we collect Samaritan’s Purse gift box contents for the Billy Graham organization. Fabric, ribbon, and a sewing kit packed in a shoebox - sized gift supplemented with  hand-crafted children’s toys, toothbrushes, and clothing will be distributed for Christmas 2020!

  The calm and thoughtful art of sewing offers a time to get away from the rush of life and enjoy beautiful fabric and the expressions of your creative talents...and who knows...maybe a source of revenue for you!

Enjoy a Music Class with Mr. Morrow before or after your Sewing Class.

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“Aspire to live quietly, mind your own business, and work with your own hands, so that others will respect the way you live and you will be dependent on no one.”                                               I Thessalonians 4: 11-12     

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